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About Our Kids Welcare

With more than 50 residential children's homes and schools and agreements with multiple local authorities throughout England, Kid Welcare Services provides nationwide coverage.

2014 saw the registration and supervision of several long-running children's homes by Kid welcare Services. The business has expanded much further since then. We take great satisfaction in having tight ties with our partner agencies. Because of this, we have created several cutting-edge services that are intended to satisfy our local government partners' changing needs.

Our Services

Caring to make a difference



May you find peace, a sense of belonging, and treasured memories amid the comforts of home. Warmth and joy fill every nook and cranny of your home.


Cheers to your path of recovery and development. I hope that therapy can help you overcome obstacles in life with clarity, resiliency, and calm.

Crisis Intervention

May you have the strength to rise to the occasion and overcome hardship. We offer crisis intervention services to help you get through any difficult time.


Knowledge feeds the spark of possibilities. With our extensive educational services, which are created to empower minds and mould futures, explore, learn, and develop.


With the help of our specialised adult services, find the road to wellbeing and personal development. Accept empowerment at every level of your life, where help is always available.


In our autism-specific programmes, we support individuality and diversity. Let's work together to create a society in which each person is valued for their unique qualities and is given the opportunity to shine.
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Here’s what our clients

say about us..

Samantha H.

Kids Welcare is really wonderful. My daughter has shown such excellent improvement since she began attending their programmes, and I genuinely believe that the staff is concerned about the well-being of the children. Strongly advised!

Michael P.

We felt Kids Welcare Services was the best option for our family the moment we walked in. The facility is filled with learning and socialising opportunities and is clean and safe. That's all we could wish for as parents, because our youngster adores it there. Strongly advised!

Emily W.

My youngster has flourished at Kids Welcare Services because of their loving and supportive atmosphere. My child has grown so much since he started going, and the staff is friendly and caring. I heartily advise any parent looking for high-quality childcare to

Sarah L.

I am quite appreciative of Kids Welcare Services. Every action taken by the personnel demonstrates their sincere concern for every youngster. With everything from fun activities to wholesome meals, I have total faith in my kids' wellbeing. Strongly advised!

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